Tuesday, August 23, 2005

August is almost over and I am sick of Doctors!

July & August have flown by the in the wink of an eye. We have been so busy the past two months it is hard to believe that Nate turned 9 months old yesterday. The little man now has 4 teeth and is almost crawling. He rocks back & forth and then takes a nose dive to move himself forward. You would think that it hurts him to plop on his tummy, but he keeps on moving. He has been battling his first(and second) ear infection this month. Of course we cannot have an entire illness free month. His cough has stuck around so we had to take him to see a pulmonoligist. He ordered a sweat test to rule out cystic fibrosis. Thank goodness Nate passed that test. The doctor decided that all problems with Nate revolve around daycare and if we loved him enough to stay home with him he would be cured of all illness the rest of his life! So...I guess that was not exactly a direct quote, but that certainly was how we felt when we left his office. I hope we never have to see that doctor again. I'm starting to get sick & tired of doctors and their theories on Nate. I think he has allergies, but they keep telling me that he is too young. I think we will end up farting around with this long enough that they will decide he is IS old enough to have allergies and that is causing his persistent cough. Only time will tell.


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