Monday, June 27, 2005

It was a busy June!

It sure seems like June has flew by. We started the month with Al's 40th birthday BBQ. Although his b-day was really in February I planned an outdoor party at Vago Park. We had a great turnout but it was HOT HOT HOT! We were all happy to see Renee, Steve and Cheryl come in town with Owen and Adam. Check out the picture below of the boys together. Next time they are all together Nate will be running around with the big boys. We celebrated Al's first Father's Day this month too. Has this whole month been about Al? Sure seems like it. Other Happenings: Nate's first tooth has popped through on the bottom. Our little snaggletooth like to bite anything he can with his one tooth. He is rolling around like crazy and has started to scoot backward from time to time. He understands going up. When we ask if he wants to go up? He'll lift his arms to be picked up. Nate also had his first trip to the big pool. It was ok for his toes to be in the water. Anything other than the toes caused him to fuss. We'll just stick to his blow up pool for now.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

To know more about the woman in Fredbird's beak...take a look at Posted by Hello

Look at me Ma.. It's my seal impression! Posted by Hello

I don't think I have enough toys Posted by Hello

Bananas... Nuf Said!

Bananas! Posted by Hello

Are you lookin'at me? - ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT ME... GIRAFFE !?! Posted by Hello

Trying to determine if the pool is fun.... Posted by Hello

Deciding he doesn't like the pool after all! Posted by Hello

Adam, Nate, Owen & Zoe Posted by Hello

Nate & Aunt Wilma at Daddy's BBQ, June 4, 2005 Posted by Hello