Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who said laundry baskets are just for clothes? Posted by Picasa

Wooo Woooo... coming through... sick penguin here... Posted by Picasa

We'll start the exam with the blood pressure... Posted by Picasa

I forgot... where am I supposed to put this???? Posted by Picasa

Gotta check here too... Posted by Picasa

Well, through my extensive education & experience, I believe Mr. Penguin suffers a severe case of stuffingitis! Posted by Picasa

I know I'm 2 today but do I have to wear the hat??? Posted by Picasa

I can't believe it... I got a train for my birthday! Posted by Picasa

How does that thing go like that?????? Posted by Picasa

Wow - I'm the conductor! Posted by Picasa

A quiet moment.... that lasted about 12 seconds. Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving started with a visit to Aunt Wilma's house. Posted by Picasa

Watch me go Pa Pa! Posted by Picasa

Those leaves are calling me! Posted by Picasa

Me & Mal Mal Posted by Picasa

This must be trouble! Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving Day with Gr'ma Bruno Posted by Picasa

I'm showing my teeth! You too Daddy! Posted by Picasa

Now me & Mommy are showing our teeth! Posted by Picasa